Kiwi Rosa

Kiwi Rosa

WildCraft Cider Works
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Series: Fruit & Forage

ABV: 6.8%

Availability: Limited Seasonal (Fall)

Ingredients: Apples, Kiwi Berries, Rose Buds and Petals (Rosa Centifolia)

Yeast: Wild, Isolated

Wine made from Willamette Valley kiwi berries is aged in neutral American oak for 18 months. Meanwhile, we craft a cider from the rare Green Dragon apple that is fermented with lactobacillus culture and wild yeasts. This highly sour blend of the aged kiwi berries and fermented Green Dragon apples is then softened with Rome and Honey Crisp ciders and cold-conditioned with red roses (Rosa centifolia). Expect a beautifully pink, slightly sour cider with a light botanical profile and fruit-forward flavor.