Elderflower Quince 12oz Cans

Elderflower Quince 12oz Cans

WildCraft Cider Works
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Series: Fruit & Forage

ABV: 6.3%

Availability: Year-round

Ingredients: Apples, Quince, Elderflower

Yeast: Wild

While quince is still a relatively unknown fruit, at WildCraft we love to showcase the diverse flavors this ingredient offers. Elder Quince is a robustly floral cider made from quince varieties that are planted, grown, and harvested at the biodynamic WildCraft Orchard at Meadowview Farm. Three hand-picked quince varieties are shredded and lightly fermented on skin for two weeks prior to pressing, then naturally aged for six months, transforming the fruit into wine. This wine is blended with Jonagold apple cider and then cold-conditioned with elderflowers.