Sol Gold

Sol Gold

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Series: Higher Arcana

ABV: 6.3%

Availability: Limited Seasonal (Spring)

Ingredients: Apples, Raspberries, Calendula, Marigolds, Oregon Pink Ginger

Yeast: Wild

Method of Botanical Utilization: Solar infusion

Glow of god infused as sōL’s gold

imbued sparkle ra suffused.

Behold modern muse’s bold stroke,

fruits among pods love produced.

Although it's hot in lieu grows hope—

seduced by a star that was aloof.

This roasting sun, not an old foe.

It's thru divine harvest forms a truce.

Marigolds abundant sweat from heat, long summer months take a breath within reap.

Air exposed pungent gift wetness and sweet, dawn running young one awakes from bed sleep

to honor the ultimate ingredient let’s eat,

drink and make merriments. The expression is yet deep

For our moments in the rays of Helios displays hearts set ablaze...if you’ve ever met me.